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Wet fields- a huge concern from land to markets

Continuous excessive rains left prairie farmers out of seeding their crops almost for three weeks of critical seeding window. This is certainly frustrating for majority of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba farmers, who could not accomplish their seeding goals. Another foreseeable trouble is dealing with excessive soil moisture, poor crop competition under persistent weed pressure. Indemnity paid out of farmers’ pooled unseeded acre insurance may not be enough. The management of crops already seeded is going to be challenging.

The chaos in the industry is clearly visible from farmers returning seeds back to retailers, worried crop input businesses and falling share prices of major industry stakeholders. Extension of seeding deadlines by crop insurance program helped little due to even wetter conditions. Now, when the farmers gave up all their hope of seeding, a large fraction of arable land remained unseeded, posing challenges to the governments paying out large sum of indemnity to the farmers and threatening export markets.

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Western Canada Farm Progress Show
June 2, 2010, 10:09 pm
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June 16-18 at Evraz Place, Regina, Saskatchewan

Come out and enjoy the innovation in farming industry! I will be out there to explore new innovation showcase as well as introduction to new agricultural products including farm equipments, farm chemicals, seed and new varieties of crops. Ofcourse, there will be lots of new services to farm businesses. I was very much impressed with the technologies and innovation that the industry achieved in the previous years and look forward to something entirely new this year!! The parade of antique farm vehicles was equally impressing!! AgriClaim look forward to network with farmers, agrologists and farm businesses visiting from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.